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"When only the best will do"

Before and After

Kent - May 2005

May 2005

Tina Ellis of Pahiatua, kindly sent these photos of her horse Kent.

She purchased him in a poor condition in May, 2005 and put him on Ration Plus. The results are obvious with steady improvement in his condition by July and in December a healthy, happy well conditioned horse has emerged.

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Kent - December 2005

December 2005

Kent - July 2005

July 2005


"We looked at eight probiotic products and compared them in terms of effectiveness and price for that effectiveness. Our bottom line recommendation is RATION PLUS. It is the only product backed up with formal research in horses, and it is inexpensive"

John Lyon's Perfect Horse, November 2000
"Probiotics to the rescue", Pages 18-21

"Ration Plus is our top pick for a probiotic."

"As a probiotic supplement, we especially like Ration Plus because it is heavily backed by solid research trials and has never failed us in years of use. Since it is a liquid, it is easy to give by syringe if the horse is not eating well"

Horse Journal, February 2000
"Finicky Eaters: find out why", Pages 18-20

"My daughter Leander would like some more of the "Ration Plus" please. The horses do so well on it and it gives such a pleasing result She is always happy when they look so well"

Nancy W

"I am finding Ration Plus a very good product. It has helped my ex-racehorse to settle, improved his coat and the cracks in his hooves are finally growing out. I've used every hoof oil and feed supplement in creation to no avail. I've found Ration Plus so beneficial he may well stay on it. He also no longer stresses at or after going to new places"

Grace M

Campbell and Jenny Draper are long time users of Ration Plus and comment:

"Since using Ration Plus our event horses' muscle tone and general condition has improved, even with a lot of work and travelling right to the end of the season"

Ration Plus - creating winners in New Zealand since 1996

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